We will be using a Feng Shui Bagua map to help guide the placement of our goals, so I thought it might be helpful for you all to see it ahead of time.The areas we will be focusing on:

Wealth & Philanthropy  – What is wealth to you? And how do you want to give back?

Fame & Recognition – What do you want to be recognized for?Love and Marriage – What do you want in your romantic relationship?Children & Creativity – How do you want to cultivate your playful child self, or celebrate the kids in your life (or the kids you want to have)?

Travel & Benefactors – Where do you want to go in the world and whom do you look to for help and inspiration in any area of your life?

Career & Life Path – What do you really want to do? What feels purposeful to you and allows you to cultivate and use your unique skills?

Knowledge & Wisdom – In what areas do you most want to grow? How do you want to do that? School? Classes? Meditation? Etc.

Family & Friends – How do you see your ideal relationship with your family and friends?

Health & Home – What do you want your health and home to be like? What do you want to focus on to create that?

What do you want in these areas of your life?  If you are having a difficult time with this, ask yourself what you do not want in your life, then focus on the positive opposite of that list.  Be playful and have fun with this!
I will be giving you all a handout with these 9 areas (with room in between to jot down your visions) but thought you might find it useful to think about it beforehand.

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