Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians

Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians offers fun, interactive, and educational musical experiences that will lead to a lifelong love of music in young children.

Classes Offered

Munchkin Maestros

(4 – 18 months, Parent-Child Class)

Munchkin Maestros will love creating their own music using shaker eggs, the triangle, rhythm sticks, and more.

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Merry Maestros

(older 2s & 3s, Parent-Child Class)

Merry Maestros classes become even more interactive, allowing the students to learn basic musical concepts through fun songs, dances, instruments, and musical games.

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Mini Maestros

(1 1/2 – 2 1/2 years, Parent-Child Class)

Mini Maestros will be so proud of themselves when they learn to keep a steady beat, act out the words to many songs, and sing and dance along to the songs we create.

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Mighty Maestros

(3 1/2 – 5 years, Child-Only Class)

Do you know the difference between beat and rhythm? Your Mighty Maestro sure will! These budding musicians will have so much fun in this creative and exciting class that they wonʼt even realize theyʼre learning!

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