Flexible Summer Registration (June 4th – August 18th; no classes 7/2-7/7)

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We know summer is a great time to go on those family vacations, host visiting friends and family, and more, and we want you to have the best of both worlds… flexible summer planning and enriching music classes!

Our classes are offered in 10-week sessions to create a rich, formative classroom experience, where the most value for children is gained by regular repetition and class familiarity. However, summer can be a fun and less structured time for all of us, so for those families with travel or personal needs, we also offer a customizable flex option that allows you to join us for 7 weeks instead of 10.

And the best part is that YOU get to choose which 7 classes you would like to attend. They don’t even have to be consecutive! 

We hope this flexible registration plan allows you to enjoy your weekly music class despite potential conflicts. If you’d like to take advantage of our summer flex plan, simply register online as usual (beginning April 30th / May 2nd) and select the 7-week option. You can select these dates at the time of registration OR select the TBD option if you have not yet made your summer travel plans. 

The Fine Print:

Families must provide the dates of the scheduled absences a minimum of 3 days prior to the missed class (preferably at the time of registration).
+ T
he 7-class option cannot be used for “floating sick days.” If we are not informed of the missed class(es) within this window, the class will still count as one of the 7 paid classes despite your absence. You are welcome to schedule a make-up class for unexpected absences.
+ You will still select a specific class (such as Munchkin Maestros on Wednesdays at 9:10 AM), and you choose which 7 Wednesday morning classes you’d like to attend.
+ Make-up classes will be available if needed for both 7-week and 10-week registered students. 

Got it! I’m ready to view the summer schedule!

Registered summer students only:

Please fill out the form below to let us know which dates your child will be missing. Families must provide the dates of the scheduled absences a minimum of 5 days prior to the missed class. Email admin@msclarasmusic.com with any questions. Thank you!!