“As an artist and art educator, I am passionate about building community partnerships and relationships through the universal language of creative expression.  We are all born with the innate instinct to create, whether that’s through paint or song- it connects us all.  When we tap into these creative pathways, we begin to practice a kind of meditation of the present moment as well as a subconscious wholeness.

I strive to bring more awareness to the personal powers found simply in picking up a paintbrush or dancing with abandon with a group of strangers!  There’s an endless supply of joy found in every one of us, simply by letting go of our inhibitions and tapping into our creative outlets regularly.  I try to shy away from educating an end product, as I find that children as well as the child found within us, are vulnerable to giving up on art when it doesn’t turn out like the example given.  All art is beautiful and unique, just like each individual’s handwritten signature.  Guiding others towards this discovery and watching them shine is an incredibly rewarding journey!”

– Miss Jen Downing

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