Ms. Clara

As the daughter of 2 symphony musicians and a 5th generation musician, music has a deep and profound place in Clara D’Onofrio’s heart. In addition to “Ms. Clara’s” lifelong musical training, she has also earned her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University. She feels so blessed to have found a career that allows her to combine her passion for music with her knowledge of early childhood development. Ms. Clara is dedicated to living a life full of joy, laughter, love, and fun!

“I knew from day one of my daughter’s “mini musicians” class that Ms. Clara was extremely bright, talented and professional. ¬†This class was BY FAR the most enriching of the enrichment classes in which we partook. Ms. Clara’s love of music is evident in her spirit and teaching style. She utilizes her beautiful voice and an assortment of instruments in teaching the children an array of musical terms and concepts.” – P.M., mom of one mini musician

Ms. Amy

With a Masters in Elementary Education and a B.F.A. in Music & Theatre Performance, Amy has combined her passion for the arts and her love of children to serve as an educator for numerous schools, theatres and artistic businesses for over 15 years. She is a firm believer in the benefit and power of arts education, and offers warmth, creativity and energy to students of all ages. She happily joins Ms. Clara’s team and looks forward to making learning Joyful and fun!

Ms. Katherine

Ms. Katherine has a recent degree from Drew University in Theatrical performance with a minor in dance. She has been teaching at a local preschool for the past year and has grown an incredible passion for teaching little ones. She is excited to instill the joys of music and creativity in her students. Her combined loves of music, movement and teaching made this her ideal place of work. She is so excited to be joining the joyful team!

“We have been attending Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians since my daughter was 10 months old (she just turned 2 in March). We have had experiences with all of the teachers and she loves them all. We are currently in Ms. Katherine’s outdoor class. We have known Ms. Katherine since she started at Ms. Clara’s in 2020. She is very enthusiastic and works well with the younger kids. We also knew her when she worked at a local daycare that my daughter attended. It was so cool seeing Ms. Katherine at music class AND during the week!” – S.K., mom of one mini musician