Summer Special! Unlimited virtual classes on Zoom- $45 / month (per child)*
*Siblings can join for an additional $30 / month total. This discount will be automatically applied, and your family total will be $75 / month for 2 or more children.  

First time here? Welcome!

Watch the video below to “meet” Ms. Clara and learn more!

Summer Session I: June 3rd – 28th
Summer Session II: July 8th – August 2nd
Fall Session: TBD

*Additional sessions will be announced as soon as more information is available in regards to whether our classes will be offered virtually or in-person. 

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After a wonderful June session, we are excited to begin another unlimited virtual music classes on Zoom for a special rate of just $45 / month per child. Siblings can join for a reduced rate of $30 / month, and this discount is automatically applied at the time of registration. Once registered, you’ll be given clear directions on how to join us via Zoom, and you simply attend any scheduled class, anytime, as often as you like, for the month of July. Simple as that!

And to make the virtual experience even more engaging for the kiddos, the classes are brought to life with playful green screen images, custom-designed for each song and rhyme. These Zoom classes give your child the best of both virtual worlds- playful images to accompany our songs as well as a sense of community in our interactive, personalized music classes.  

Lots of Q & A’s below!!

Here’s all the info you need:

  • Do I register for a specific class?
    • No. You simply register for the month of July and you decide which classes to attend (and how many). There is no additional sign-up, RSVP, etc. Simply join us on Zoom during any scheduled classes in July.
  • Are the classes still separated by age?
    • Yes. We will be offering all 4 class levels virtually- Munchkin, Mini, Merry, and Mighty Maestros.
  • What if I’m registering 2 or more children? 
    • The $45 / month is a per child rate, although siblings can join for an additional $30 / month total, regardless of the number of siblings. So the rate for 1 child is $45, and the rate for 2 or more children is $75 / month.
  • Can I attend more than one class / week?
    • Yes. Once registered, you’re welcome to attend as many classes as you’d like every week in July.
  • Do I have to attend the same class each week? 
    • No. You can attend whichever classes fit your schedule each week.
  • Will the summer schedule stay the same as the spring?
    • We have reduced our class offerings for the virtual summer session, and classes will be offered on both weekdays and weekends. View full schedule here.
  • Will my registration automatically renew each month?
    • No. Given that there is no way of knowing when we will be returning to in-person classes, we are handing summer registrations on a month-to-month basis. Registration periods will be announced via email and Facebook each month.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of students per class?
    • Because we are offering so much flexibility, we will not be controlling the number of children in each virtual class. Each class will run if at least one child joins us on Zoom, and we will take steps to maintain the flow of the curriculum should any class exceed our typical maximum of 10 children.
  • If I miss a class, can I schedule a make-up? 
    • Because we are offering unlimited classes, there is no need to schedule a make-up class. Simply join us as often as you’d like.
  • Will you be offering virtual classes in all summer? 
    • We will definitely be offering music classes throughout the summer, and we are taking things one month at a time in regards to future plans. If it is deemed safe to offer classes in-person, we will return to our usual summer session accordingly. If not, we will continue to offer unlimited virtual classes.
  • Are the MP3s and lyric booklets included?
    • The MP3 downloads and lyric booklets are not included in the $45 / month special. However, they can be added on for an additional $10 at registration, and you will receive a link and password to download both the MP3s and a PDF of the lyric booklet to print-at-home. CDs can be purchased for an additional $3 (pick-up) or $6 (mailed).
  • Are you offering free trial classes?
    • While we typically offer free trial classes, we are unable to do so during this unlimited class special.
  • When can I register?
    • Registration is now open for the July session.

I hope I covered everything, but please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions by email or phone at (708) 704-1716. And don’t forget, since these classes are virtual, this could be a really fun way to attend class with friends and family all over the country so please feel free to share this email with your loved ones!

Here’s to making the most of a challenging time!

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