…I did so as a fun way to “break the ice” and start building our new spring community, but I was taken aback by the comments so many people shared with the class. Comments such as:

“I keep coming back year after year because I started these classes as a scared new mom who had just moved to the suburbs, and now I can honestly say that every close mom friend I have in Brookfield, I met in Ms. Clara’s classes. Both of my children adore Ms. Clara (they even have mini music classes at home), but it turns out I got a lot out of the classes too!”

“I considered trying something different this spring, but my daughter asked for music class every single day during winter break, so it was clear she knew where she wanted to be!”

“We’ve been students since my son was just a few months old, and it’s so exciting because he’s now singing all of the songs at home. These classes are clearly helping his language development, and he has so much fun!”

“I have my second child enrolled in music classes not only because she loves it but because I see so much of what she’s learning at home. Her 4 1/2 year old brother started with Ms. Clara when he was just under 4 months old, and when he attended his first violin lesson last month, the teacher immediately asked if he’s had music lessons before because he picked up on the rhythms so quickly. They really are learning so much in these classes!”

Doesn’t this sound like an experience you want to share with friends and neighbors?

Please check out the following ideas, and anything you are inspired to do is truly appreciated!

  • Facebook is our friend. Facebook is such a great way to let others know how much your child loves our classes. Whether it’s a quick “check-in” when you arrive for class, an adorable video of your little one singing a song from class (and tagging Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians in the video), or a quick statement letting other parents know how much these classes have influenced your child, we appreciate the presence on social media!
    • Special note: If you ever see a Facebook thread about music classes or early childhood activities in the area, PLEASE chime in! Even if someone else has already recommended Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians, a quick “My child attends music classes at Ms. Clara’s and he/she loves it” goes a LONG way! 
  • Free Class Invitation Cards. Please be sure to grab a handful of our free class invitation cards at your next class. These are great to have on hand for the inevitable moments at the park, library, etc. that your child’s favorite music class comes up in conversation! Even if your current class is full, we still have plenty of openings in our classes that we now offer 7 days / week. 
  • Invite a friend. Many of you have joined our community because a friend invited you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pay it forward? Please invite a friend to visit www.JoyfulLearningCenter.com/free to sign up for a free class! 
  • Write a 5-star review. Yelp has also been a wonderful resource for new families, and it is so heartwarming when parents and caregivers take a few moments out of their busy schedules to share with others how much they love our classes. We have separate Yelp pages for our 2 locations, so please click on your current location to share your experiences with others: Brookfield   Oak Park 
  • Flyers. We have recently designed a new flyer and would love for you to display it at your church, child’s preschool, job, etc. We keep many onsite so please let us know if you have a place that you know is open to hanging a flyer!

Making a Real Difference

After hearing all of these amazing comments this week, I am more aware than ever that we are truly impacting a whole generation of children and families in our neighborhoods.

Young families are meeting and becoming friends, infants and children are being introduced to music and activities that literally enhance neurological development, and children are bring introduced to songs and activities that are engaging without involving “screen time.” 

I am grateful beyond words for your recognizing the importance of having businesses such as Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians in your community, and thank you in advance for helping continue to spread the word!