This is truly an exciting time to be a part of the Joyful community!

All students registered for the Munchkin, Mini, and Merry Maestros classes will now receive a recording of all of the songs from class as well as an illustrated lyric booklet, which will also serve as a coloring book for your little one.

These songs will be so fun to listen to at home or in the car, and they are perfect for singing along to or having your own mini music class at home between classes!

If you have any questions, please see below. Don’t see your answer? Please contact Ms. Clara at

Don’t forget- Spring session starts March 7th!
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Questions and Answers
How much do the lyric books and recordings cost?

There is not a specific materials fee for the recordings and booklets as they are now included in your tuition. Over the years I have been very intentional about keeping our prices low, and since our very first classes in 2011 (in the basement of the Hollywood House in Brookfield and the basement of Sugarcup Trading in Oak Park), our prices have increased less than 2% throughout the past five years. Tuition will be increased approximately 11% – 12%, and you will receive a professionally printed and hand-illustrated lyric booklet as well as recordings of all music from class. This will vary from about 18 songs and rhymes in the Munchkin class to 25 – 30 songs and rhymes in the Mini and Merry classes.

Are the lyric booklets and recordings optional?

The lyric booklets and recordings are now included in your tuition, so the materials are not an optional purchase.

When will the recordings and lyric booklets be available?

You will receive your recordings and lyric booklet on your first day of the upcoming session. The current winter session begins on December 2nd.

Is it possible to get a lyric booklet and music for the current fall session?

As much as we would love to have the fall materials ready for distribution, unfortunately these songs and booklets will not be ready until the fall of 2017. Please enjoy the sample songs above for some fun fall songs to sing at home.

In what format will we receive the recordings?

Songs will be available as a password-protected direct download on the website. The song files will be in MP3 form, although a CD will be available upon request for an additional $3.00 fee.

Are the booklets and recordings available for purchase?

At this time, the class materials are only available for registered students. We do hope to make the booklets and recordings available for purchase in the near future, both for home use and for gifts.

If I register siblings, do I receive duplicate materials?

For families who register siblings in separate class levels (such as Mini Maestros and Merry Maestros), you will receive the regular 10% sibling discount when you enter the promo code SIBLING10 at checkout. There is no other discount as you will be receiving two separate booklets and recordings.

For families who register siblings in the same class level, you will also receive your 10% discount when you enter the promo codes SIBLING10. If you choose to forgo the additional booklet, you  may also enter the second promo code BOOKLET10 for an additional $10 discount.

Why is there not a lyric booklet and music for the Mighty Maestros class?

The Mighty Maestros class is structured significantly different from the younger three levels, as we focus much more on musical concepts such as dynamics, pitch matching, beat and rhythm, etc. There are far fewer songs in this level as we may spend a large portion of one class learning a new concept and applying it to the same song for the majority of the class. We do hope to offer a Mighty Maestros manual in the future.

Because there are no materials available for this class, this class will be offered at a reduced rate. If you would like to purchase the Merry Maestros booklet and recordings, you can do so at an additional fee. Please contact Clara at for more information.