Exciting news!!!
We are offering outdoor classes this spring! 

We are thrilled to announce that we will be offering our early childhood music and movement classes on the beautiful grounds of the Cantata Campus, located directly across the street from the Brookfield Zoo at 8700 W. 31st Street.

We are really excited about this new partnership, as Cantata Adult Life Services and Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians share the same goal of creating space for people to live their best lives. The Cantata staff and residents are really looking forward to having little ones come sing and make joyful music on their campus, and we can’t wait as well!

We are so excited about this opportunity. However, we are drastically reducing the number of classes offered as well as how many families can attend each class. (We are requiring a minimum of 8′ between each family.) These two factors reduce the number of in-person students we can accept this spring by 50%, so I highly recommend reading all the details below so you can be at the “front of the line” when registration opens!

Spring / Summer Outdoor Session: May 8th – June 27th
(no classes Memorial Day weekend)

***Online registration begins April 8th at 8 AM and is first come, first served.***

You have questions? We have answers!

We know there will be lots of questions, so please read the Q & A’s below, and if you still have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us at Clara@MsClarasMusic.com or (708) 704-1716 (call / text). So here goes…
  • Where will the outdoor classes take place? 

    • Our outdoor classes will take place on the Cantata Campus, located across the street from the Brookfield Zoo at 8700 W 31st Street.


  • What precautions is Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians taking to ensure the safety of the families and teachers attending class outdoors?

    • There will be absolutely NO contact between students, families, and teachers.
    • Masks will be required for adults and children over 2 upon “entrance and exit,” and attendees will sit in designated spaces a minimum of 8′ apart. Families will provide their own blanket, yoga mat, etc., and are encouraged but not required to wear their masks once safely seated in their designated area. It is up to the teacher’s discretion in regards to wearing their mask during class, and the teacher will remain a full 8′ away from the nearest student seating areas throughout the entire class. (ALL TEACHERS WILL BE FULLY VACCINATED.)
    • There will be no shared instruments or materials, and students will not come up to the teacher to take turns at the drum, triangle, etc.


  • What materials are required for class?

    • Because teachers will not provide any instruments or props to share during class, families are encouraged to bring their own class materials to fully experience the songs and activities. Handheld rhythm instruments used (such as shaker eggs and rhythm sticks) vary by class level, and the instruments needed for your particular class will be outlined upon registration. You are welcome to be creative and make your own at home, and we also sell Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians instrument backpacks with all class instruments and materials for $35.00. Click here to view the materials list by class level
    • Families will also be responsible for their seating area, and please note that we will be sitting on grass that could be damp on occasion, so we highly recommend a thick blanket, yoga mat, etc. 


  • Can families drop in to these outdoor classes?

    • Because we need to maintain a strict maximum number of students per class, families will not be able to drop in. Spring classes will be offered in one 7-week session, May 8th – June 29th. (No classes Memorial Day weekend.)


  • What happens if the weather prevents us from holding class on any particular day?

    • If outdoor classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, that morning’s sessions will take place via Zoom. In the event of a weather-related cancellation, we will contact you via text message with as much notice as possible. 


  • What if my child wants to wander around during class?

    • This is of course a tricky situation as we cannot allow children to toddle around the “outdoor classroom” for safety reasons. However, the Cantata Campus is very spacious, and if your child is feeling antsy, there is plenty of room for them to get their wiggles out in the grassy areas and still hear the music class.


  • Can I bring siblings to the outdoor music class?

    • Only registered students may participate in the music class. Older siblings are welcome to bring their own activity and sit nearby. Caregivers will easily be able to observe their older child(ren) while still participating in music class with their younger child(ren).
    • Families who have 2 or more children registered in music classes of different levels are welcome to bring both children to both outdoor classes if needed. (For example, a parent can bring a Munchkin to the Merry class and vice versa.) Please note that caregivers will be responsible for keeping both children in their designated area, so if you have 2+ children that tend to toddle off in opposite directions, our outdoor classes may not be a great fit at this time if you are unable to have a second caregiver present. 


  • Will make-up classes be offered for outdoor classes?

    • Safety is our top concern this spring, and due to strict class maximums, make-up classes may be very difficult to schedule. We will accommodate your request if at all possible, but we appreciate your patience and understanding if we are unable to do so. 


  • What is the tuition for the spring session (May 8th – June 27th)?

    • Tuition for outdoor classes for all class levels is $139. A 10% discount for siblings will be automatically applied.


  • I have a promo code and/or class credit. Can I apply it to the spring session?

    • Gift certificates will be accepted, but no other promotions, class credits, etc., can be applied to this outdoor session. We hope to honor these again in the future when we are able to accommodate more than 50% of our usual enrollment. Thank you for your understanding as we rebuild our small, local business.