Birthday Party Testimonials

Thank you for taking a moment to read rave reviews by local parents of our fun, easy, and memorable birthday parties at Ms. Clara’s Joyful Learning Center! To learn more and to check availability for your child’s special day, please click here. We’d love to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you!
We had my son's 4th birthday there. All kids and parents had a blast! Younger siblings had a space to crawl or run and a lot of fun as well. -This location has everything needed for a party: kitchen, fridge, tables, chairs, kids chairs/tables, a lot of space for play. -Ms. Clara was super helpful with all questions I had (and I had a lot!), she also helped with arranging party, decorating and had a lot of really useful advice. -Music part was so funny and energetic, parents also had a lot of fun and thanked us for choosing this location and inviting them. It was my first time hosting a kids party, and with ms. Clara's help it was not stressful and it definitely was a success.
Maria M.
Love, LOVE & LOVE Ms.Clara's. We had my sons 1st birthday party at the center and it was great. The singer had good interactions with the kiddos and parents. The facility is clean and family friendly. Plus Ms. Clara is super nice and it was a pleasure to work with her.
Cheretta S.
I wanted to thank you for letting us have the party at the center.  We had so much fun and the class with Ms. Jessica was great.  My one year old loved it!  We also got a lot of good feedback from friends with young children and they were all surprised that we found such a wonderful venue.
Francesca C.
Thank you so much for allowing us to host our daughter's 4th birthday party at your Joyful Learning Center. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves and it was a first-time visit for many of our guests that were very pleased with Ms. Katherine's music! She was so wonderful. She did a great job transitioning between activities. The space was great.
Thank you again so much!
Jennie P.
Thank you for allowing my family to use your facility for my daughter's birthday.  She had an amazing time.  The kids were very excited to create their paintings, and they loved being able to take home something that they made.  The parent/child salsa lesson was adorable.  For some, I could tell it was a memorable moment. Also, I thought I should let you know that I received many compliments on your facility and the options you provide.  Some of my family and friends are interested in contacting you in the future to book rentals for their parties. Again, thanks for all your help.
Maria B.
We had my son's 1st bday party at the Joyful Learning Center. We had about 50 people, adults and kids. Ms Clara did musical entertainment for the kids at the party and the kids really liked it. The party was a success! :) We also love our weekly Mini Musicians class. My son has so much fun. Ms Amy is our teacher and she is great!
Kelly Jo
We had a great experience renting Ms. Clara's Joyful Learning Center for our 4-year old daughter's birthday party as well as having Ms. Clara give her Mini Musicians session for the first part of the party. The space is great and kid-friendly with lots of flexibility (chairs and tables for both kids and adults that can be easily setup taken down depending on whether its cake/pizza time or play time and depending on how many parents stay for the activities). There is a kitchen area with good size fridge and counter for setting up food and there is a pizza place next door that walked over our order even though it was outside of their normal business hours. There were 19 kids in total and they really enjoyed Ms. Clara's music class portion and she did a great job in entertaining them and also keeping them in control throughout the music session. Overall we thought the place and the class were great and we really liked the flexibility both in terms of the room layout, how long you could rent, and what type of classes/sessions you could elect or not elect to have- this made the planning a lot easier and Ms. Clara was very responsive to our questions during the planning phase.
Thomas J.
We had a wonderful time celebrating our son's first birthday at Ms. Clara's Joyful Learning Center! The space was the perfect size for the number of guests in attendance and I was grateful for the flexibility to bring in outside decorations, food and drink to complement the party theme (by the way, Barones down the street has delicious pizza!). Ms. Katherine did a fabulous job guiding the children through a semi-structured music class - truly a highlight of the party to see my son and the other children having such a great time!! I would definitely recommend this venue to others for a perfect rental space for children's birthday parties!
Shannon L.
We celebrated my daughter's second birthday party at the Joyful Learning Center. (This review is much over due, as our party was actually in the Winter.) We had taken a music class from Miss Clara many years ago, but this was our first experience at her official location. Finding an indoor location for a private party to celebrate and have activities can be tough, but this place worked very well for us. This place was perfect for many reasons: 1. Miss Clara did a great job explaining the process and procedures ahead of time. I knew what to expect, what could be done and had all my questions answered ahead of time. I was being given the use of the entire facility and could do what I planned. I really appreciated being able to plan my own party and do my own thing. I've gotten stuck paying extra for a party planner/assistant at other places and the person ends up doing nothing for me, however, that option might not be a bad one to offer as an additional add-on in the future to someone who feels like a little extra help may be needed. 2. The centralized location was a great meeting spot for family and friends from different towns. Folks from all directions could reach Brookfield by Highway and then follow the main drag to the "circle". Parking directly outside the facility was a bit busy, but still easily attainable during our party time. I appreciated being given the advanced setup time and arrived early to do so. Because of this, I got a spot directly across the front door, which made bringing my items in easy. 3. The facility size and layout was perfect for our party. There is a front entrance with big windows for sunlight, then, you proceed down the hall to the party room and finally, there is a kitchen and kid friendly bathroom in the back. I liked how the party room was hidden from the entrance - we put balloons in the front entryway so guests knew this was the right place, but passersby weren't able to stop and stare at our celebration. We were able to arrange the party room however we wanted - we opted for a few stations to keep kids busy while others arrived. The kid friendly tables and chairs made the party a huge success when it came time for snacks, cake and drinks. The kitchen made it convenient for us to prepare and setup food and we really appreciated being able to bring in whatever we wanted. I forgot a knife for the cake, but was able to use one from the minimal supplies in the kitchen. (whew!) Many of our friends were just beginning to use the potty and so the little seat and step stool made this a very kid friendly touch. For those not quite ready, the diaper station was convenient too. 4. Not only did we rent the space, but we requested Miss Clara sing with the kids. We were very happy she was able to specifically fulfill this request as I love her positive, friendly and perky manner, although I'm sure any of their staff would have been just as good. This was the bulk of the party and my previous experience with Miss Clara allowed me to know what to expect. The interactive songs were a blast! Even the wiggliest of kids continued to stay focused and entertained. From catching snowflakes, skating across the floor and banging the drum - everyone got involved. Children from ages 1 to 8 were in attendance and they all loved it. Miss Clara did a great job remembering names and used songs and objects that entertained all ages. Some parents joined in alongside their children, while others sat back and "enjoyed the show". Miss Clara even remembered to sing my daugher's favorite song at the end. (I told her it was her favorite when we first met and appreciated this gesture, as I did not make any special requests to have this song sang.) My only regret is that we didn't arrange for the cake to be brought out after the singing activity. I would have loved for Miss Clara to lead us in singing Happy Birthday! (I have a terrible singing voice.) 5. Even though this was my party and I was responsible for everything, cleanup was a breeze. We were given cleanup time and instructions. I was worried about this at first because the instructions were so detailed, but since we were given the additional time, this really wasn't a big stress. The items on the checklist really were easy. Throw away your garbage, put things back where they were and turn out the lights. Asking for a deposit up front is a fair thing to do and Miss Clara promptly returned this when our agreement had been met which is very much appreciated since I always spend more on my parties than I plan to. Overall, I thought this was the perfect party idea and location for a little one's birthday. We've had 7 birthday parties before and this one was one of the best. I would recommend it to anyone looking for something private, safe and unique. I don't think this needs to be just for little ones though. I am already considering this location for a Summer birthday celebration for my seven year old as well.
Kelly C.