Fall / Winter Plans

Please click here to watch the 3 minute fall / winter announcement video and/or read the transcription below. 🙂

Hey from Ms. Clara! I just wanted to take a minute to record this quick video because I have been getting some questions about our plans moving forward after this outdoor session ends at the end of October. So we all know that this beautiful weather is not gonna last that much longer, however I know that last November had quite a few beautiful days, so my upcoming plan is to offer some pop-up classes in November whenever they are feasible. There’s going to be more information about that in the newsletter.

You will need to sign up for these pop-up classes, but because they are weather dependent, we will only be announcing them maybe 48 hours in advance? We’ll take a look at the forecast and say “Hey, great news! Friday and Saturday look great!” And that kind of thing. They might not be on our normal class days, and you do not need to have been a previously registered student to sign up for the pop up classes. So they will be “first come, first served.”

After that, that kind of brings us to Thanksgiving, and now we’re suddenly in the holidays which is possibly the worst possible time to reopen my studio after having been closed for about 20 months by then. So for the month of December we’ll probably be doing a 3 week mini virtual session, something along those lines, which will get us right to the new year. 

We will be taking 2 weeks off for the holidays, and even then I still want to leave a little bit of a buffer as I know a lot of families are gonna be traveling and visiting loved ones, and again, that doesn’t seem like a great time to come right back into music class. So I’m gonna probably look at around January 15th, and we will start doing some demo classes that week. We’re gonna be doing some $5 demo classes by age range. I haven’t set that schedule yet, and you do not need to be a brand new student to attend those. This is an opportunity for everybody to check out the studio, see what [the classes are] like inside the studio vs. all spread out and outside, return to classes if you haven’t been with us in a while, or as I said, join us for the first time if you’re new. 

But those will just be some $5 drop-in demo classes that you will need to register in advance for.  More information coming about that as well. 

And then, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, we will be opening for real February 1st. We’ve all had to be so flexible. We have all had to fly by the seat of our pants, go with the flow…every phrase you can possibly think of, we have done. Those are my current tentative, but pretty solid plans, and I appreciate all of your support through all of this.  

So thank you so much. If you have any questions, please don’t ever hesitate to call, email, text, and again, all of this information with be on the website as well as in our e-newsletter. Thank you so much for everything. See you soon!