This Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians Yelp review doesn’t mention “music” even once…and yet it’s one of my favorites.

“We started the Fall session in the midst of my son’s terrible 2’s phase.  By the end of the session I really noticed a difference in his behavior!  He was able to see turn-taking and attention modeled by his peers.  He has really improved in his ability to participate properly in the class setting, and his behavior outside of class is better, too.  It’s awesome for teaching to clean up, too!”
— Kim M., mom of 1 mini musician  

  • difference in behavior
  • turn-taking and attention
  • ability to participate properly in a class setting
  • improved behavior inside and outside of class
  • teaching to clean up

At Ms. Clara’s Mini Musicians, we LOVE to make fun music with adorable kiddos. But just as importantly, we are keenly aware that we’re often providing a child’s first introduction to a classroom setting, and we strive to make this experience nurturing, joyful, educational, and beneficial to our students and their caregivers…both in class and at home.

So many families in our community join their first music class because they are “looking for something fun to do” or they “need a reason to get out of the house,” only to be shocked and amazed by the developmental leaps and bounds their child makes in just a few classes. And what started out as a curiosity about our music program evolves quickly into an integral part of their child’s early childhood education.

We’d love for you to check out our joyful community, make new friends, sing fun and original songs, and watch your little ones develop the skills listed above (among many, many others). We can’t wait for you to join us…and then we truly look forward to hearing all about your child’s unique leaps and bounds too!