🍀 Super fun and simple DIY St. Patrick’s Day musical activity! 🍀

It’s no fun when St. Patrick’s Day is cold and rainy, but we have a perfect activity to engage and entertain your little one today!

I led this activity this morning with my Mighty Maestros class (older 3s, 4s, and 5s), and it was a huge hit. We did ours virtually, and I bet it would be even more fun in person. 

First, find either yellow construction paper or have your child color a piece of paper yellow. (If you have shiny gold paper, even better!)

Next, cut out circles a little bit bigger than a silver dollar. (These will be the gold pieces.)

On the back of each gold piece, write one beat movement, such as:
– clap your hands
– honk your nose
– tap your fingers
– shake your hips
– jump up and down
– free dance

The more pieces you make, the better! 

Place all of the gold pieces in a pot or bowl. 

Next, find some fun Irish jigs. There are tons on YouTube, and a good search term for this is “Irish Reels.” Here is a link to Irish Jig Music: Best of Irish Jig Music Fast for Dance (Traditional with Fiddle). This one is great because it has a variety of tempos throughout the collection. 

As you play the music, have your little one pick a piece of gold out of the pot, and you read it aloud to them. Then simply do the beat movement along to the music until you’re ready to pick the next gold piece and change movements. 

It’s simple, but I promise they’ll have a blast! (Pictures and videos gladly accepted!)


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