Mighty Maestros (older 3s, 4s, & 5s)*

Do you know the difference between beat and rhythm? Your Mighty Maestro sure will! These budding musicians will have so much fun in this creative and exciting class that they wonʼt even realize theyʼre learning!

We will build on the songs and activities learned in earlier classes, but now we will introduce xylophones, interactive musical games designed to teach pitch, dynamics, and so much more. While this class remains highly experiential, we will begin to introduce basic music terms and concepts such as beat, rhythm, forte, and piano.

*It is highly recommended that children under 4 take at least one session of Merry Maestros before joining this child-only class. 

Read a full description of each season of Mighty Maestros here

2020-2021 Class Schedule*

Summer Session: July 6th – August 22nd (outdoors)

Additional sessions will be announced as soon as more information is available in regards to whether our classes will be offered virtually or in-person. 

*All dates are subject to change. 

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Mighty Maestros Summer Session (July 6th - August 22nd)......$139 outdoor; 10% sibling discount

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